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Buying Program Details

2019 WRMG Dealer Buying Program

Program Details:

Welcome back! The return of the Dealer Buying Program means that dealers are once again eligible to combine all orders across all WRMG brands and stores for a greater discount and co-op opportunities. Thank you to all who participated in 2018!


You are registering to participate in an annual spot-buy program through which you qualify for a one-time purchase offer to take advantage of great extras and savings.

Dealers can combine orders with all WRMG brands.

Orders processed during this promotion can utilize available 2020 co-op funds. Invoices will automatically be processed at the dealer’s normal rate.

This offer is separate from the annual $1,000 limit to uniform staff.

Valid on orders totaling up to $5,000. The offer ends on 9.13.19.

Dealer exclusive offer:

5% OFF

orders $1,150 or more

Valid through September 13, 2019.

Registration Details:

For your convenience we have a dedicated platform for ordering. Should you be a multi-brand dealer this will allow you to order multiple brands within one transaction. Please note that all orders for this buying program may ONLY be submitted through this platform.

All dealers:
Please register for a new account and enter dealer registration code: DEALER19 during the registration process. Once you log in to your new dealer account, you can start shopping!